Thursday, April 14, 2011

Restyled Table

This is another one of my Red Geranium finds, I repeated the same process that I used on the blue table only this one is painted black. I used polycrylic on the top, for some reason the wipe-on poly was just being sucked up. So after three coats of wipe-on I switched to polycrylic (husband suggested).

I'm buzzing right along here is my next restyled piece. Remember this table? Now check it out!


  1. I know the Red of my favorite places. I'm a new follower!

  2. Your "new" table looks great!
    thanks for linking up @ catch as catch can

  3. This turned out beautifully! I'm with you on why anyone would buy new when you can do so much with paint...However, I think we're going to need new couches soon and it's a bit harder to get used couches :-)

  4. that looks great, vicky! black is always such a nice classic and stately color.


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