Saturday, May 7, 2011


Brushstroke - : the configuration given to paint by contact with the bristles of a brush; also : the paint left on a surface by a single application of a brush or palette knife —often used figuratively to describe the quality especially of a narrative or description <a story told in broad brushstrokes

Okay that's the definition we get it; now the reason for this post. I believe I was probably 17 years old when I refinished my very first piece of furniture. I'm now 46 years old and let me tell you brushstrokes still dry me crazy. Why is it that on some pieces you don't want any and then on others you can't have enough. It's such a vicious cycle. I'm currently working on a piece that requires brushstrokes it just looked too flat .............stay tuned photos coming soon.

take care,


  1. Thanks for stopping by and following!!! I looked at your fireplace makeover and I'm thinkin that's EXACTLY what I need to do to ours. It's bad. I already painted the brick :) The surround is NEXT!!!!

  2. I'm glad that brush strokes can give a piece depth. That's what I'm going to tell people when they see the chair my 9 year old is working on. LOL

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