Monday, December 19, 2011

A Crafty Weekend

Hello Readers,

Over the weekend I was able to make two things LICKETY-SPLIT! Don't you just love it when crafts come together quickly and inexpensively? I hit the jackpot at the Dollar Tree store I picked up a placemat for $1 and ornaments were 30% off. Let the creativity begin :)

I made a cute holiday pillow - very festive.

 I  really like my first wreath so I decided to make another one for a friend.
 I would suggest gluing the same size ornaments completely around your wreath first, it makes for better placement. I wrapped the wreath in jute instead of using moss.

 I love how this one turned out :)
 Tomorrow I will post a very yummy holiday drink CHEERS!!
Saved by Suzy


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