Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Week #4 of Upholstery Class

Hello Readers,
Thanks for coming by :) I hope that all is very well with everyone. So much is happening in the world we live in sometimes we need to pause and count our blessings. I have really been trying to live in a place of gratitude and compassion, all of us are dealing with day to day stresses and disappointments but always take a moment to stop and breathe. Well are you breathing I can't hear you!!! Okay moving chair is looking fabulous. Let me know what you think :)

Pretty pleats I'm doing the happy dance!!!

Checkout the arms and wings woo-hoo.
Notice the inside back too!

Edie is moving right along on her chair she is working on tufting, I will write more about that next week.

Let's not forget about Laura she is an upholstery wizard doesn't her chair look fabulous?!

Frank is an incredible instructor and we have a lot of fun too. Each class flies by so quickly the man is a maniac do you see how much I accomplished in just four hours? I can't believe it and I did it!

Have a great day my friends and don't forget to breathe!


  1. Wow, they all look great and I do really love the pleats, they look very PRO. Wish I could find a class where I live.

  2. Fabulous job!!! I wish you lived here...we'd be a great team as the gal I paint for is always looking for a good upholsterer!

  3. You're such a professional!!! Love those pleats!

  4. Your chair is looking great. I so envy your new talent with upholstery. Can't wait to see the final result. Sew and Staple ON!

  5. Your chair looks amazing! A class is a great idea, instead of my winging it!


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