Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Week 5 of Upholstery Class

Hi Readers,

The weeks have gone by quickly and our projects are almost complete! My chair needs the outside back fabric and a few other touches and then the seat cushion has to be made. The most exciting thing about last night class was watching Edie work on her chair it is really coming together. Edie is doing a technique called sewn on button tufting I have Googled this but I can't find any information :( This is a shortcut to tufting and it really looks terrific. Edie took the time to masterfully make her buttons, this is something I really want to try but I'm going to try it on a pillow.

Frank has all buttons neatly organized. I'm really not surprised by this :)

The button maker - take notice of the little circles they will soon become buttons.

All done aren't they cute?

First one sewn on yeah!

Check it out don't you just love it.

Edie's chair is going to look fabulous don't you agree?
Laura is testing out her new cushion she is all smiles.
I was so busy drooling over Edie's chair that I forgot to take photos of my own chair, I wanted to take a photo of the sides and the wings but these will have to do until next week.

Have a great day and be sure to comeback tomorrow, I had my first gift exchange with another blogger and I want to show you all my treats.


  1. Vicki - the course must be fabulous. I'm loving all these chairs. will check back for future instalments
    cheers Fiona

  2. That chair is going to look great! where it looks like the tufting is folded is that pre sewn?


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