Thursday, May 3, 2012

High Heat

Hello Readers,
I'm glad you stopped by, it was about 16 months ago when my hubs painted our fireplace surround, I wanted an updated look, some of you might remember the old look.

I'm here to tell you that it has held up beautifully. So if you're thinking about it go ahead give it a spray what do you have to lose? $6 bucks!

Come on bite the bullet!

Looking good don't you think?!

It's 90 degrees here in Ohio Mother Nature she's really something else :)


  1. Hi Vicky! Thanks for the update on your fireplace. It DOES look so much better with the black paint. Did yall have to tape off the brick and cover up the surrounding areas so they would not get spray paint on them? Do you remember Christopher Lowell on TV? He said that if you wanted paint to stick to an object to first coat it in bar-b-que grill paint (which is the old name for what you used I think) works!

  2. Vicky, your fireplace surround looks great! I would not have thought to use that spray paint on it but it does the trick, doesn't it?

  3. Oh I love the black so much better and glad to see it has held up so well! I'm thinking this would have some really good applications around the house and yard -- thank you for the update!

  4. Hello and came across your site via Don't Disturb this Groove. Love your projects and definitely want to try repainting my fireplace frame.


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