Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Coast to Coast Creativity - The Little Black Door

Hello Readers,
Thanks for coming by today, this week I'm featuring Elizabeth the blogger of "the little black door." Have you been reading this blog?

Here are just four of my favorite projects from Elizabeth she has really created some great custom makeovers! Click on each photo
to read the post.

I hope that I captured your interest and that you will click your way over to the little black door.

Thanks again for stopping by! Now go grab some sunshine!


  1. That is one massively talented lady. I love every bit of her home!

  2. Love Elizabeth's work, she is a sweetheart and her corner gallery wall is spectacular. Thanks for sharing Vicky!

  3. Thanks for the love Vicky!! And thanks for all of the inspiration you provide! :)

  4. Elizabeth is so talented, and super funny.

  5. Love me some Elizabeth...she can get it done!!!


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