Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pawsitively Pure

OMG! I know its been forever but life has been busy and fun. It's been four months since we opened the store and time is flying. We have met some amazing pups and people, we have our website up and running  it's nothing fancy but it will do for now.

I hope all is well checkout the website if you have a minute Pawsitively Pure.


  1. I just popped over to your shop! What a wonderful business! Many blessings to you and yours, as you fulfill your dreams. Take care.

  2. Visited your website...Wishing you the greatest of success in this venture...
    Love the name too! Will put on my pet blog for all to see soon!!!


    Hugs, XX

  3. So glad business is thriving. Wishing you the best! Hope your beagles are well.

  4. I am just stopped to visit your website and I say a great visit anda very good..

  5. Congratulations on starting your own business. Your store looks great! I wish you all the success in the world.

  6. Hi Vicky, was cleaning out my email and spotted this post, so glad I saw it. How exciting to be starting your own business. I've been out of blogland for a whole year now, had know idea it would be so long. But life has brought on many changes and most are good and some great!!! I liked you on FB and told others also. I wish you great success and will try and check in with you on FB to see how all is going.

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