Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bolster Pillow Tutorial & Other Stuff

Hello Readers,
I will do my very best to explain how to sew a bolster pillow. Remember this tutorial has no circles! I did a post about it here. You will need to know basic sewing skills. Skill set Easy!
I have a few tips highlighted in blue.

My instructions are for this size pillow form 14 X 6. I purchased this form at JoAnn's for $5.99 on sale :)
You will need to cut the body 14.5 X 19 - Two pieces 21 X 3.5 - Trim or piping 2 @ 23 inches in length.

With right sides together sew an 1/2 inch seam across the 14.5 side.  Do you see the stitches across the top?

Turn your fabric so that the right side is facing you, notice in the above photo the wrong side is shown. Sew your trim /piping on each side of the body. Make sure that the piping is facing inward. (see photo)

Your trim/piping should look like this once it has been sewn on.

 Put right sides together and be sure to fold over 1/2 inch so that  a raw edge doesn't show when you're done. When sewing on the strip be sure to sew closely to the piping.
Notice the folded edge

Once it's done your pillow should look like this.

Put pillow form inside of your bolster.

Looking good!  Nice and snug.

I purchased a cover button kit and extra strong upholstery thread. Extra strong!!

After following the instructions on the package I now have two covered buttons.
Thread your upholstery needle you can use a short needle for this.

Baste loosely across the top of each side, not too close to the edge or your fabric will fray. Notice the nice even baste stitches, stitch completely around. Now let the fun begin :)

Pull the string and you should get something that looks like this. Did you? Now you will have to fuss a bit to get an even look. Exciting isn't it? I know who knew.

Okay focus, back to the task at hand. You will now attach the buttons.

Thread your longest upholstery needle with your extra strong upholstery thread it is very important to use this.

Use this photo as a guide, it's sort of hard to explain. With the button and thread on the needle, stick the needle and thread directly through the center of the pillow, it will take some wiggle, wiggle but the needle needs to come out in the center of the other side of your pillow. Just like this directly in the center of the other side of the bolster.

Pulling the string will make the other side with the button become secure. Attach your second button and secure tightly.
There you have it!  Isn't she cute :)

Hopefully I won't have to do a revision this is step by step, I will have a Frank (Mr. Upholstery) take a look at it.
As a favor to me if you are happy with this tutorial please give "props" to Frank here is his email.Frank@ClevelandUpholstering.com

Now onto other things I had a happy customer on Sunday. Lynne a second time buyer picked up her nightstands and she was so pleased I just wanted you guys to see one last photos of the beauties.
Now I have to do just a little whining. I didn't realize until yesterday that some of my treasured readers have no reply to comment turned on. I respond to every comment that I receive. I had no idea that my reply back to you goes into the abyss. If you're wondering why you haven't received a thank you that's why. Do you really want no reply back turned on? Just curious if so I understand.




  1. Thanks for sharing such a great tutorial! I am definitely going to try this. I do not understand the "no reply", it is like inviting someone to come to a party at your home, then making them guess where to send the RSVP! I think there are many bloggers who simply are not aware this is turned on. I did an entire post about these issues, via Donna from "funky Junk Interiors". http://redoux.blogspot.com/2011/09/shout-out-to-newbie-bloggers-and-little.html

  2. It looks sooo good!!! Awesome tutorial!

  3. I know right.? No Reply, what the freak is up with that.. Any way. Cute pillow! Your just an upholstery queen now aren't cha'?! I wish they had a class in my area =( I think I would be pretty bad ass with an automatic staple gun! Wooohoooo...Make my day punk!
    hee hee hee

  4. Nice tutorial. Easy to follow. Wondering when you are going to open up Harmony Upholstry Co. lol :)

  5. Thanks, Vicky! Easy tutorial...I think I can do it! Hate sewing circles. ; )


  6. Such a great tutorial, Vicky! It was so easy to follow! I've always wanted to try and make a bolster pillow for my bed. Looks like something I can handle! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Great, Vicky!! Thanks so much for sharing. I'm thinking of decor as well as Christmas gifts!


  8. Absolutely lovely so I pinned this on Pinterest.

  9. Vicky,

    thanks for the great tutorial! And I love your night stands. Great work!

    All the best,


  10. Thank you so much for the great tutorial. Glad to hear your customer loved the night stands.

  11. Thank you for sharing the tutorial and those nightstands look amazing.

  12. Great tutorial Vicky! I love the fabric! It looks amazing in the chair too!

  13. Easy to understand tutorial, well done Vicky!! it was so not how i thought, in a good way!! Seems quite easy...'cept for the covering buttons bit!!
    Thanks for sharing this!

  14. Hi Vicky! Thanks for the Ohio welcome! : ) I love bolster pillows and this is such a great tutorial. The ends would throw me off so I'm glad to see you don't have to worry about cutting a perfect circle for them. The covered buttons are the perfect finishing touch!

  15. Love the nightstands and great tuturial!

  16. I made a couple of these before . But, I made them with ties on the end...I couldn't figure out how to sew them together! Love this! Thank you :) I'd love if you come over to my link party and share. Hope to see you there!

  17. Looks great. Thanks for sharing the process with us! I'm going to pin it so I can remember it.

  18. I always wondered how they got the button sewed on the end . Now I know

  19. Great tutorial! I only wish I could sew. I am quite the disaster! Thanks for stopping by and following. I am following you back.

  20. You make that pillow making look so easy! That is so cute!
    And congrats on the repeat buyer! You are on a roll girl... tell me your secret!

  21. Now, I have no sewing skills at all! NONE!!! But I am going to step out on faith here and give your tutorial a try, it sounds that easy. Wish me luck! Thanks for the inspiration.

  22. Thanks for posting this! I have this now on my list to make. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  23. Stopping by again.... I tried to leave you a message from my phone but it wouldn't send my comment through :-(

    Vicky you out did yourself with this tute! Your instructions are very clear and easy to follow. I haven't made a bolster pillow in years but I do remember that it was as easy as your instructions! Thanks again :D

  24. Thanks for this great tutorial! I will keep this for future reference. I am now a follower!



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