Sunday, April 29, 2012


Hello Readers,
So I've been toying with the idea of creating Subway art. I really love  all the different styles.

So I'm giving it a try
I purchased stickers and paint.
Here we go!

Tropical Oasis is the paint color
My friend Jill has a house in Marblehead, Oh and on the weekends she spends time there with her family. It's a getaway for them, hopefully she will find the perfect spot for a little piece of art.

I didn't buy enough stickers but next time I will, this was a fun craft except for peeling the stickers off was a real pain :)


  1. Vicky, This turned out really cute! I recently did a project with stickers and it was a pain to peel them all off. :-)

  2. Love the subway art you created. I'm working on a piece using only numbers..inspired by an image from Pinterest of course!

  3. So that is what it is called! That is what I was trying to achieve with my Fruit of the Spirit Sign. that is a good idea!


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