Monday, May 7, 2012

Coast To Coast Creativity

Hello Readers,
Thank you so much for stopping by today. This week I'm giving a "shout out" to Sharla! Sharla's blog is called The House on Bluebird Lane have you had an opportunity to read this great blog? If not today is your chance.
Let me share with you just a few of her gems..........shall we begin.

Click on the picture to find out how this chalkboard was made

This little ladybug is an appetizer

This is a great restyle click on the photo to read more

Sharla also enjoys photography

Sharla hasn't been blogging for long but in such a short period of time she has done some pretty "snazzy jazzy" things!

This week Sharla is also hosting a linky party for our four legged fur babies, so if you have a pet you want to show off go see Sharla.


  1. Hi Vicki - I just linked up a pic of Soda on the pet linky party - what a great idea!
    Thanks for sharing

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  3. Vicky, Thank you so much for featuring me on your Coast To Coast Creativity series. You have a FABULOUS blog, AMAZING talent and I'm so very glad to know you!:-) Hope you have a wonderful night!


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