Sunday, May 13, 2012

Deer Resistant.....

who knew!.........

I have enjoyed gardening for many years but I have also been frustrated by the DEER!! So after many, many dollars spent on deer repellents and finding out that they just DON'T work I have taken a new approach..........

every evening we line lawn chairs against the bed to protect our plants! I know it is ridiculous but I'm at my wits' end, we now have lush beautiful hostas, ferns and other perennials.

our plants never look so good..........hey whatever it takes

Sadie after a hard days work
the first Iris bloom of the season!
I'm looking forward to landscaping, potting and gardening it's so enjoyable.

my hubs is also working on a project here is a snippet of what's going on

stay tuned folks! It's going to be great :)


  1. Hey, whatever works. Your beds are looking good. Looking forward to seeing what you're working on.

  2. It sounds so strange that deer come and wreck your garden...but then I guess you'd find it strange that near us kangaroos eat and destroy crops!!!

  3. We had to put a 6 ft high fence around our garden because of the deer that live in the woods behind us. One year I planted sunflowers outside the fence and they ate them all. So I think you've found a great solution. By the way, I'm dying to have a Japanese Maple like yours!

  4. Those pesky deer! They are so cute though...right!

  5. Hi Vicky, whatever works, huh? Your plants are lovely! Surprise, huh? Well, you have my attention...looking forward to whatever you're planning...Wishing yo a great evening!

  6. HI, Vicky

    Your plants are lovely and I love the hosta. Hope the deers stay away.



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