Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I'm Not Going

Down Without A FIGHT!!
Well maybe I I'm working on this cute table for my friend Lisa :) This should be easy breezy right NOT THE CASE! This little baby has been painted at least three different times and I can't get this paint off. I used my sander (I finally stopped didn't want to blow out the motor) and then I brought out the "BIG GUNS" paint stripper and still no success.

to be continued........


  1. Wow! Stubborn little thing! The table is super cute... can't wait to see the finished piece. DONT GIVE UP!

  2. Oh my that is going to be one fight. lol


  3. Hi Vicky, stopped in to say hello. Finally getting a little time to visit. This project looks like a fight on your hands, but knowing you,you will win! lol. Can't wait to see the result! Hugs, Loretta

  4. I like to use the citri-stripper, and when I am done stripping I take the item in the back of hubbys truck to the car wash to power wash it all off... works a charm.
    Do not give up!

  5. You can DO IT! Don't give up. The table has gorgeous lines, and will look great when it's finished!

  6. I hope you'll let us know what worked..I have a set of stairs that are the same way

  7. She'll be a beauty when you finish with her!


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