Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Paving His Way

Hello Readers, Thanks for coming by :) Tom has been working on his project and just so we are clear this is his nudging from me.

Hey what happened to the pavers?

here they are!
looking good
I have a project too........adding soil and plants to this bed, the deer have totally mowed this bed down to nothing, back in the day this bed was gorgeous! I will plant only deer resistant plants in the future
I've started on my pots this is the fun part

Tom is golfing today he is also on vacation :)  hopefully I will have more to share with you later in the week.
Have a great day!


  1. Tom is a keeper! The pavers look awesome! I love your blue pots and I brought margaritas! Where are you?

  2. The pavers look so nice! I miss having a green yard like that. Beautiful.

  3. wow the pavers look awesome! really upscaled the whole look of your landscaping! RE: deer... have you ever tried using liquid fence? currently testing that out and it seems to be working. we'll see. also found some info here: i dont know if that helps or if any of it works but passing it along :)

  4. Hi
    I hadn't been over for a while so came over to see what I have missed, and a lot. Those tables you painted turned out great and it was cute to see Sadie inspecting them
    Also happy belated Anniversary
    and I might have to try your deer thing with my flower bed
    I am having my 1st ever giveaway if you would like to join in
    It's a southern cookbook from Savannah Georgia , my favorite city


  5. Wow! He did a great job! Can't wait to see what you do! We could always use some gardening help over at our My husband's name is Tom too!

  6. Great job with the pavers and I LOVE that blue flower pot! Visiting from My 1929 Charmer blog!

  7. Looks so good, Vicky! Your yard is so well kept!


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