Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Spanish Moss

Hello Readers,
This time of year many of us are planting our beautiful flowers, I look forward to this every year don't you?
I want to show you just a few of my plantings.
Spanish moss is a nice finishing touch for pots

I think it looks finished with the moss

This is my favorite! I bought this copper pot many years ago I just love the patina.
my plants are growing quite nicely I added coleus for a little extra touch, isn't Abby the cutest thing!
 every thing is filling in I just love Spring and Summer!
until next time go grab a little sunshine!


  1. Great post. I have a few larger pots that I want to use Spanish moss in. I agree, it looks nicer.


  2. Your plants are thriving! I love your tiered planter.

  3. Abby wants to help add some moss :). Lovely plants and I bet the moss helps with keeping everything moist.

  4. great idea! i usually just would use mulch in there. i am going to try it! i dig it. :)


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