Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fond Memories

Hello Readers,

Last week I was reading a great post from Laura at Top This Top That  she  blogged about daylilies and my heart began to go pitter patter. I love, love daylilies........but of course their is just on small  huge problem!

Laura posted on her blog this great photo of a bucket of daylilies that she had collected from her garden ....really Laura!

so anyway it got me to thinking about what I once had..........

Are you ready!

look at this one three layers of petals

look at the eye of this one delectable lime

this one is a Stella D'Oro in red it was one of my favorites

this one reminds me of sorbet refreshing isn't it
just gorgeous......... oh how I miss my daylilies, back in my heyday I had over 25 varieties. I've put up a good fight for eight long years and then I decided that it just wasn't worth the anxiety and deer spray. So I dug them all up except for two plants and gave them away to good gardens where they could grow and you want to know how one of the daylillies is doing that I left behind?....

not so well Mr. Deer came along the other day and chewed away at most of the buds hence my decision. So annoying, I have since moved on, I now have more deer resistant plants which they still nibble at they just don't devour.

Thanks for coming by! Stop back soon.

ps stop by and visit Laura, it's because of her I stopped for a moment and strolled down memory lane.


  1. ahh- now i feel bad!! :) i live on 25 acres in the country and we have our share of the wild,but i have three very protective dogs that won't let them get close to mama's flowers!I am just loving the 3 layer petal- gorgeous. Thanks for the lovely shout out on your blog.

  2. You had some real beauties. So sorry about your deer problem.

  3. I'm sorry you don't have your daylilies because they looked so beautiful in the photos. We had about the same amount that you had but had to get rid of them due to lack of sun in our yard. We don't have deer but have a problem with some kind of small squirrels that eat the roots of plants. Oh well, that's just wildlife but it gets very annoying. ----------- Shannon

  4. Your daylilies are (were) beautiful! I'm glad you found a good home for most of them. I so feel your pain! We have deer also. I've tried sprays, but I have too many plantings to keep up. I'm trying to go with more deer resistant varieties of plants and bushes.

  5. Your daylilies must have looked wonderful! I love to see them planted in huge swaths. There is a public area that I pass on the way to and from our library that has so many orange ones. By themselves they look like nothing special, but there are hundreds in this spot and they are just stunning.

  6. They are beautiful flowers! I must say I'm glad we don't have a lot of deer here, as beautiful as they are!

  7. Vicky, your lilies were so gorgeous! But you can't fight the deer forever, can you? Wish I had been a recipient of those you sent to new homes!

  8. So sorry the deer ate all of your pretty flowers. You had so many varieties.


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