Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fresh Food

Hello Readers,
Yesterday I picked up my first bag of produce from a local farmer Fresh Fork Market, it was filled with a lot of goodies. I (we) are trying to eat healthier so this is what's in the bag. Strawberries, radishes, collard greens, whole chicken, kohlrabi, green leaf lettuce, red kale, pea tendrils and garlic scapes not bad for $15. I know right........most of the veggies I never heard of before but I'll try anything once. I kept it simple and made salad for dinner, it does taste so much better than store bought.

Each bag of goodies comes with a newsletter filled with recipes and other good information. Tonight I'm going to roast the radishes, I'm sure they will be quite tasty. This is a four week program that I purchased online if we like it I will continue to do it.

Do you buy from local growers?
Have a great day and make sure you enjoy the sunshine!

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  1. I love supporting local growers. The food is fresh and so reasonably priced. I love visiting farmer's markets in the summer months. Enjoy your fresh produce!


  2. I am so happy you are supporting your local growers! My parents are farmers and sell meat and a bit of produce locally, as well.

  3. Hey there young lady, James here, I don't think I've met you but that's ok, Loretta knows you and that's good enough, I'm keeping things going for her. Sure some nice looking veggies, etc. you got there! We have to drive across state line to get some like this. Nice buy. You take care now! James

  4. We have a great farmer's market a few blocks down and we love going there! The food just tastes better :)

  5. I love Farmer's Markets. Have yet to get to one yet though this summer. You're pretty brave making meals with vegetables you've never eaten! Hope you love it all.

  6. YUMMY! i love fresh veggies. we wanted to join the co-op but after just moving we didn't have it in the budget this year, but hopefully next year! we did plant some veggies though! :)

  7. We started growing our own vegetables about 3 years ago.It is so rewarding to grow your own food. Thanks for supporting your local growers and enjoy all that yummy produce. Let me know how roasted radishes turn out. I've never prepared them that way.


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