Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Turtle and a Table

Hello Readers,
Sometimes it's a challenge to come up with a snazzy post title wouldn't you agree? I recently finished a side table which I really like, but when it comes to staging for pictures you have to make it interesting, so here it goes.........

here is the before scratches and all, I had to paint the top because of  all of the dents and dings

a little paint and wax

Tommy the turtle makes his debut

I know I'm really reaching with this post, but honestly I've got nothing witty and funny to say
              Tommy looks great at every angle don't you agree............anyway I love the table! How about you? What's new and exciting in your world? I can't believe it's almost August, where has the time gone?

thanks for coming by.............hope to see you here again soon.

Primitive and Proper


  1. Tommy is adorable. Lol! I love the color on the table. Is that chalk paint. It is beautiful.

  2. Beautiful! The paint really brings out the details in this table.

  3. Fantastic table! The detail just pops out once you painted it. Tommy turtle must like it also since his head is still stickin out inspecting your work. What's new? Well I have a pretty good guilt pile of stuff I need to get crackin on. However,I did blog recently about an awesome barn sale I attended this weekend.

  4. The table is to die for! You have talent, Vicky!!

  5. The table looks great! And the turtle, well, he's pretty swell, too!

  6. Tommy brings the wit, Vicky. Great job on the table.

  7. beautiful job, vicky! it looks perfectly weathered!

  8. Beautiful job on the table, Vicky! You do such great makeovers!

  9. Tommy and the table love marvelous! It doesn't even look like the same table :)


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