Monday, July 16, 2012

Baked Brown Rice

Hello Readers,
How is everything?  I hope the heat hasn't become too much for you.....I'm loving it! Today I want to share with you a very delicious recipe Baked Brown Rice......yes I already know some of you aren't using the oven in the Summer, but just in case you feel like cranking it on please give the recipe a try.
this recipe is easy!

the aroma of the bay leaves baking in the oven smelled so good

added water, next time I might use white wine

I also added  a smoked turkey drumstick for more flavor 

cover with lid and bake 

I removed the turkey drumstick and added the meat to the rice

added chopped fresh flat parsley

a lovely side salad with mixed greens

vino of course!

fired up the grill

delmonico steaks!!

steak,salad, rice and roasted veggies, it was a fantastic meal for two!
I hope you give it a try...........what have baked lately? Do you have a favorite side dish?

 Have a good day I'll see you next time here at Decor & Harmony.


  1. Dinner looks so healthy and delicious, Vicky! I recently baked rice in oven for the first time last month. Our rice cooker broke and cooking it in the oven was a great alternative. Have a great week.

  2. I love rice of any kind. I haven't baked much due to the heat.
    Looks like a delicious and easy meal. What time is dinner tonite? ;)

  3. Hi Vicky, love this recipe and the meal...The salad looks sooo delicious. I haven't baked anything lately because of the heat here in Louisiana, but I can agree with salads! Thanks for sharing your meal.

  4. That food is lookin good! We cook out alot I'm pocketing your tips! Btw I was browsing though your home post and I wanted to tell you I love the lines of your sofa!

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