Monday, August 27, 2012

Chalkboard and Lime

Hello Readers,

Last week I posted that I want to spruce things up a bit with a splash of color. I have decided to use lime green as my accent color. This is a quick and easy project and I like the end result.

Thanks for stopping by, later this week I will share with you another spruce up and it involves this table.


  1. Life would be so boring without spray paint. Love the green!

  2. Love the green,and it looks really good with your chalkboard.

  3. Love the chalkboard and the color is fab!

  4. Lime green is a favorite of mine, too.
    I think your board should say, "Where are we going for dinner?" ;)

  5. That's an awesome colour and a great transformation of something simple to something super fun. I vote for going out for dinner:)


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