Sunday, September 2, 2012

Goodbye To Summer

Hello Readers,

Can you believe it's September? I can't......the Summer was surely a hot and dry one here in Ohio.

 Veggies and fruit were definitely on our Summer menu how about yours? My hubs and I really like nectarines and so I wanted to find a great recipe that would allow us to enjoy this Summer fruit on more time. I Googled nectarine desserts and I discovered a delicious and delectable recipe.

Nectarine and Cream Cobbler by Joy the Baker......I wish you could smell the deliciousness, our home smells of cinnamon and nutmeg I really hope you give this recipe a try.

yum the smell of butter

I did change it up bit by adding raspberries
a sprinkling of brown sugar

45 minutes later....... total goodness I'm waiting for it to cool and then I'm diving in with vanilla ice cream.

This recipe is quick and easy, it's made with just a few simple ingredients. If you are in the mood to do a little baking I highly suggest this one.

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  1. What a delicious looking recipe! bookmarking to try very soon!

  2. Nectarines are my favorite! I'll have to give this a try- thanks!

  3. OMG that looks amazing!! Not so sad it's fall thinking about baked goods like this :)


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