Monday, April 30, 2012

Coast to Coast Creativity

Hello Readers, I've decided to rejuvenate my series of showcasing amazing bloggers and blogs! This week I'm giving a shout out to Kammy's Korner.

Kammy is cute, crafty and creative. Kammy's Korner has a great following 785 and growing and she also has a Facebook page go ahead and give her  a "like."
I want to share with you some of her fantastic projects I'm sure you'll find them to be quite inspiring.

 Click on the photos if you want to read the post.
Kammy has a weekly linky party I'm sure she would love to party down with you.
Thanks for coming by today for a blog visit and be sure to stop by and give Kammy a visit too!

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Hello Readers,
So I've been toying with the idea of creating Subway art. I really love  all the different styles.

So I'm giving it a try
I purchased stickers and paint.
Here we go!

Tropical Oasis is the paint color
My friend Jill has a house in Marblehead, Oh and on the weekends she spends time there with her family. It's a getaway for them, hopefully she will find the perfect spot for a little piece of art.

I didn't buy enough stickers but next time I will, this was a fun craft except for peeling the stickers off was a real pain :)

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Have a great weekend everyone!
Next week I would like to get your opinion on the following:
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So put your thinking caps on!
I'm also reviving Coast to Coast Creativity!!!
If Mother Nature is nice maybe I'll get a few projects completed, if only I could spray paint in the house LOL!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Too Many Irons

in the fire!
Hello Readers, thanks for stopping by. Where does the time go? I can't believe it's Thursday already and I don't have a project completed (slacker) I know. I do however have plenty of ideas swishing around in this head of mine.
Wanna see?

chevron or


this nightstand needs some help! Subway or Ombre?

chalkboards yeah!

I did manage to spray the board with chalkboard paint I just have to cut it to size.
 That's it folks.........
Now one more thing ~ I'm not trying to step on any toes but .........if you're a blogger would you please turn off word verification  WE DON'T LIKE IT..............I'm just sayin' if you don't believe me just ask Funky Junk click here she would not lead us astray I promise you.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Do You Have

a go to meal?
Hello Readers, I really enjoy cooking but sometimes you want quick, easy, delicious and some sorta healthy. Today I'm sharing a version of Bang Bang shrimp from The Bonefish Grill. Have you ever had this scrumptious dish? So let's get cooking

 combine mayo, hot sauce and a little bbq sauce
 I love my IPAD it makes everything much easier :)
 coat shrimp in cornstarch

 make a healthy salad with a few yummy toppings
 fry those babies right on up sizzle, sizzle

 blot on paper towel
 add shrimp to mayo combo and the place on your salad that's it
give it a try won't you?
I was featured on
West Furniture Revival :) click here to check out my feature

My sweet Sadie loves her pillow
click here to read the post

Have a great day my peeps!

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Hello Readers,

A few weeks ago I made a few pillows and I really like them! However, I'm not the only that lives here. If I had my way, my pillows would be fluffed and kept in there place 24/7 but that's so not the case. You have seen pictures of my sweet Sadie right? Sadie is a lover of pillows I have pictures to prove it

so it occurred to me why not make one just for my sweet Sadie!

so how does Sadie feel about her customized pillow?

I don't exactly know, she snoozing on her dog pillow right now

this is adorable Abby she's not a pillow lover, she's all about the blankets!
This was a super easy sewing project if you want to know more about the graphic click here! or search on Pinterest.

Linda at "it all started with paint" is having PILLOWPALOOZA be sure to check it out.

I was able to snap this picture yesterday........she's so stinkin' CUTE!!!

 Have you checked out PicMonkey yet? I have it's GREAT.

See you later my peeps! I so wanted to paint furniture this weekend but the weather is for crap.....Mother Nature gotta luv it.