Thursday, May 31, 2012

Campaign Trail

Hello Readers,
Yep........that's correct I'm going on the campaign trail for The Blueprint Social have you heard of them? A few months ago I submitted my application and I've been selected  along with many other fantastic bloggers to use Mod Podge Plaid Products during the month of June. 

Check out my LOOT!!! WOOhoo!!!

Wow look at all of these great products!

I have only used  Matte Mod Podge can't wait to try the others

check these out! Photo Transfer, Crackle and Glow in the Dark!!

Dimensional Magic........abracadabra


new products Podgeable Papers

Podgeable Shapes hmm...I'm curious

and other goodies

I can hardly wait to get official post isn't until June 25th so mark your calendar but I'll be creating in the meantime.

 I can share posts using  Mod Podge but the new products can only be shown on my scheduled date.

I can't wait to see what the other bloggers create, as for now everything is a secret.....that's part of the fun!

If  you want to see what Katie received in her box click HERE!
Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Spanish Moss

Hello Readers,
This time of year many of us are planting our beautiful flowers, I look forward to this every year don't you?
I want to show you just a few of my plantings.
Spanish moss is a nice finishing touch for pots

I think it looks finished with the moss

This is my favorite! I bought this copper pot many years ago I just love the patina.
my plants are growing quite nicely I added coleus for a little extra touch, isn't Abby the cutest thing!
 every thing is filling in I just love Spring and Summer!
until next time go grab a little sunshine!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

All Done

Hello Readers,
Thanks for stopping by :) a few weeks ago I told you that my hubs had a project for our yard. Over the past few years he has been making improvements with new landscaping, driveway, walkway,steps and now pavers for our flowerbeds.
It's all done and it looks great take a look!



after - so much better

notice the new driveway too!

Looks great doesn't it!

Great Job! I'll give him the rest of the summer off :)
Here is a peek at our backyard.......I will post more about it later 
this week.
Enjoy your day........go ahead and grab some sunshine!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Got Rust?

Hello Readers,
Thanks for stopping by today. I read a lot of blogs and a few weeks ago the very lovely Rosemary posted a segment on her blog about bottles and mercury. She listed her ingredients and one of them is "rust" I started to giggle, I asked "who keeps rust" or "where does one find "rust" well it's not that hard to find.

Look here folks I've got myself a small cup of RUST!! Clean your gas grill and believe me you'll have rust too! So what am I going to do with it?
Remember my three little birdhouses? Click here to see #1

 Well here is #2
I used the rust to create a shingle look for my birdhouse and then I applied moss to give it a more rustic appearance.
I used Mod Podge to apply the scrapbook paper
 I rubbed on dark wax too
you just never know what "tidbit" of information will come in handy. Thanks Rosemary I owe you :)

Days of Chalk and Chocolate

Share Your Creations

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Something for the Birds

Hello Readers,
I want to share with you this quick and easy project

 I purchased these birdhouses at my local craft store
along with scrapbook paper
 using Mod Podge, glue gun and moss I was able to jazz up this little birdhouse
A home for the birds! Crafting is so much fun don't you think?!

Thanks for coming by! Ivy and Elephants