Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Decorating Bookcases

Hello Readers,

As usual when one project is almost finished I've already moved onto the next one. I'm sure you can relate right? What I want to do next is switch up the accessories in our built in bookcases which are in the family room. This should be pretty easy to do I just need to find some inspiration. This room has really evolved for the better....let's take a look back shall we.

Holy smokes this is horrible and to think 
I thought I had it going on!!!

the picture is a little blurry but this how I have the bookcases decorated, I have found some great ideas on Houzz

If  you are looking for inspiration check out the website. This website had 4,614 photos of bookcases just so you have an idea of how massive the website is.
Thanks for coming by. 


  1. I love the ideas you have in mind for your bookcases. Stenciling the back looks like a fun idea.

  2. Looks great, I soooo wish I had bookcases to decorate definitely in my next house. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh wow! What a transformation! I love awesome before and after pics. I kept scrolling back down and the back up, comparing the two. It's amazing how the color change even made the bricks look different. Great job!

  4. Can we let the paint dry on the first project BEFORE we redecorate?

    I'm just sayin'....
    Yeah, it's your husband again ;)

  5. Gurrrrrrlll..NOW you got it going on! Hahahah GREAT job =)

  6. Love what you've done with those bookcases.

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